The One Rule To Keep In Mind When Picking Out Prime Rib At The Grocery Store

Prime rib is one of those indulgent dishes many of us love to treat ourselves to when we're at a fancy steakhouse. While the juicy cut of steak is certainly delicious when it's cooked by a professional chef and served with a side of creamy spinach, you can also cook it at home. It's a great option when you're feeding a crowd or celebrating a special occasion with friends and family (or if it's just a random Tuesday night and you feel like a special treat).

Even if you know how to pick out the best-looking meat from the butcher's counter at the grocery store, knowing how much to get can be a challenge, especially if you're cooking for more than one or two people. Fortunately, there's an easy rule of thumb for picking the right quantity of prime rib so all of your guests leave the table feeling happily satisfied (and you aren't left with a ton of leftovers).

One rib should feed two people

While the amount of prime rib you need will always depend on your guests' appetites and what else you're serving with it, a good rule is to buy one rib for every two people, according to the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen. For example, an 8 to 10 pound bone-in prime rib roast contains about four to five ribs, so it will feed eight to 10 people. She adds that if you have a larger spread of side dishes, you could also get away with using one rib per three people.

Southern Living echoes this sentiment, explaining that you should expect the average dinner guest to eat anywhere from half a pound to a full pound of prime rib based on the menu. However, the culinary site says if you aren't sure, to always err on the side of ordering too much. After all, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your leftover steak the next day!