The Reason There's Already An Oat Milk Shortage At Starbucks

Whether you're vegan or not, chances are you're aware of oat milk as the latest and hottest dairy-free milk. The milk alternative is a wonderful and welcome option for those who have nut allergies, but even those without sensitive dietary concerns are loving it. Though the new option has been in the works at coffee chains and grocery stores for around a year already, it's just now reaching full force thanks to Starbucks.

According to a statement received by Mashed in August 2020, Dunkin' released its own version of both hot and iced oat milk coffees and lattes that month. By December 2020, Starbucks had revealed that its selection of oat milk drinks would be appearing on menus in the spring of 2021 — though they began testing their drinks in early 2020 like Dunkin' (via Starbucks). Continuing to follow the rise of oat milk, Aldi released its own brand of oat milk in late February 2021, and shoppers went crazy for it on Reddit. Naturally, the levy broke when Starbucks finally released its oat milk line across the country in March (via CNN).

It's only been on the menu one month

Now, if you're thinking that after more than a year of testing the new drinks, Starbucks should have been more prepared, you're not wrong. Not to mention, the chain had already added the drinks to 1,300 stores in the Midwest last year, according to CNN. People are, of course, upset that the oat milk drinks they've waited so long to try cannot be filled due to a shortage of the milk alternative at quite a few stores. Unfortunately, Starbucks hasn't exactly been forthcoming with how many locations are lacking at the moment. Nor have they said when the stores will have oat milk again.

A Starbucks spokesperson simply said, "Due to high demand, some customers may experience a temporary shortage of oat milk at their store," according to CNN. The only time frame they gave for remedying the issue was "soon." The representative went on to suggest that customers turn to the dairy-free options the store currently has. In the meantime, your oat milk iced brown sugar shaken espresso will have to wait.