What Guy Fieri Thinks Everyone Should Do To Help Restaurants

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has been extremely vocal about the need to step up during the pandemic and stand by the restaurant industry. As per Delish, Fieri felt so strongly about the issue that he decided to work hard and gather funds for those who've been adversely impacted. According to CBS News, the chef managed to raise over $20 million for professionals in the industry who've been fired from their jobs during the pandemic.

Additionally, Fieri came up with a relief fund to help his peers with much-needed grants during the crisis, and spoke about what motivated him to work on relief efforts. "I started thinking about my brothers and sisters in the restaurant business, and a bunch of restaurants that I was closing — we gotta do something," he declared.

Fieri didn't stop at that point. He also decided to make a documentary film called Restaurant Hustle 2020: All On The Line, which followed chefs through the pandemic as they tried to tackle a host of difficulties such as layoffs, restaurant closures and more, giving viewers an intimate glimpse into how devastating the pandemic has been for the culinary industry.

Fieri wants the public to be more supportive

For an accomplished chef like Fieri who's spent a major part of his life in the food industry, it's vital that he speaks up for his peers and does what he can to help them. In an interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Fieri shed light on the importance of delivery services during the pandemic, explaining that this has been one of the major reasons why restaurants have been able to stay afloat — and services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash have played an important role. Fieri also explained that this is a tangible way to keep things going as the world continues to cope with the pandemic. "The thing is, most restaurants weren't even participating [earlier]...now, almost everybody is," he revealed. "So, it's a really good opportunity." Fieri added that if customers are looking for ways to help their favorite local eateries, they should definitely consider ordering food.

In fact, last month, Fieri started his own delivery-only restaurant called Flavortown Kitchen. According to QSR Magazine, the chef decided to invest in the idea and give his fans a chance to sample his food by ordering delectable meals online. Well, all parties can benefit from this, after all. It's a win-win!