The Reason Tokyo Was Anthony Bourdain's Favorite City

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was one of a kind. He inspired many fans over the course of his life thanks to his sheer passion for cooking and his love for different cultures. As highlighted by Delishone of the things that really made Bourdain stand out was the fact that he didn't hesitate to dive into the unknown and interact with the locals, no matter where he went. 

In fact, Bourdain was so passionate about experimenting with food from different parts of the world that he made time to explore a new place on his own while filming his shows, having solo adventures. A city that the late chef especially loved? Tokyo, Japan. Bourdain waxed eloquently about his love for the city in a blog written for his show, Parts Unknown. He revealed that he was so fond of Tokyo that he could spend his entire life there and not regret the decision. "Most chefs I know would agree with me," he declared.

Bourdain thought very highly of Tokyo

For Bourdain, Tokyo was both endlessly fascinating and a place that he couldn't completely wrap his head around. He also said that his episode on Tokyo had a lot to do with fantasy. "The first time I came here, it was a transformative experience," he wrote. "It was a powerful and violent experience." Tokyo, as far as the chef was concerned, blended many flavors and feelings into one and was far away from his comfort zone.

Plus, Bourdain never got tired of Japan's capitol city. For him, Tokyo never ceased to surprise and always gave him something to look forward to. And despite having spent extensive time in Tokyo, Bourdain didn't believe that he'd "even scratched the surface" (via Business Insider). 

Bourdain concluded that if you're like him and find yourself feeling perpetually curious about the world around you, you'll love Tokyo. He added that the city offers a plethora of charms including an endless variety of "flavors, tastes, and customs." Amazing.