This Is What Pork Rinds Are Called In The UK

Pork rinds are a crunchy, savory snack traditionally made from deep-fried, dehydrated pig skin. As it turns out, pork rinds are a super tasty indulgence that have been experiencing a major moment on the global snacking scene. Each airy, crispy bite melts in your mouth and tastes even more incredible washed down with a sip of light beer or fruity wine.

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, pork rinds can actually be quite healthy, especially when compared to other standard "junk" foods! They're a low-carb munchie that provides a whopping 35 grams of protein per two ounce serving, making them an excellent alternative to chips or pretzels, according to Healthline. However, as with any snack food with a high fat, sodium, and sugar content, they're best enjoyed in moderation.

Pork rinds are eaten around the world with their own local twists and are enjoyed in a variety of culinary settings. For example, in Mexico, they're called chicharrones. Canadians call them scrunchions (via Taste Atlas). They're also dubbed cracklins in various regions (via Indy Week). But what are pork rinds known as in the United Kingdom?

The UK has its own unique snack names

If you're experiencing a snack attack in the UK, you might get some strange looks if you ask to find the pork rinds. Instead, try asking for "scratchings." Scratchings are a common pub food in many taverns, commonly served with drinks. According to Openshaws Savoury Snacks, scratchings date back to the 1800's, when working class families raised pigs at home. Because food was scarce, no part of the pig was wasted.

The potential origin of the name "scratchings" is fascinating, too: A family from Villanueva de Algaida in the south of Spain raised pigs that were allowed to wander freely in the orchards, per Openshaws Savoury Snacks. Itchy from the hot sun, these pigs would rub their bodies against the trees. One day, a swineherd noticed chunks of dried pigskin – "scratchings" – on the trees. He tasted it and realized he had discovered a sensational, edible delight.

There are several other snack-related terms that differ between the U.S. and the UK. Craving a sweet cone of cotton candy? Order the candy floss. Instead of ordering a side of French fries, get the chips. But if you do have a hankering for some crunchy, salty potato chips, grab a bag of crisps. And as for freshly baked cookies? You're actually looking for biscuits (via Reader's Digest).

Whether you prefer stuffing your face with pork rinds at home or savoring them at a fancy restaurant, pork rinds — or scratchings — are a special treat.