This Vegan Fried Chicken Restaurant Wants To Put Chick-Fil-A Out Of Business

Chick-Fil-A dominates when it comes to fried chicken. According to Forbes, the chicken chain's fast food sales have been climbing in recent years, bringing in $11.3 billion back in 2019. These numbers secured their title as the third-largest fast food chain in America (via The Washington Post). While Chick-Fil-A can fulfill all of our fried chicken desires, the chain lacks options if you need to cut some meat out of your diet. According to Spoon University, you have your work cut out for you if you want a full meal but also don't eat foods derived from animal products. Chick-Fil-A carries a few salads, waffle fries, and a drink or two, but overall, you lack some variety if you choose to go meat-free here.

A new challenger has since emerged to fill in the plant-based niche and give Chick-Fil-A a run for its money. According to Veg News, a Kansas-based vegan entrepreneur plans to bury Chick-Fil-A under their new venture, a vegan fried chicken shop that hopes to span over 100 locations. The restaurant, dubbed Project Pollo, sprung up back in September 2020 and served up 1,600 vegan chicken sandwiches on World Vegan Day last November. Since then, the restaurant has picked up traction, and the owner has some big plans that should leave Chick-Fil-A shaking.

A vegan answer for our fried chicken craving

Lucas Bradbury, the founder of Project Pollo, wants to open up 100 locations by 2024 and put Chick-Fil-A out of business by 2030 (via Veg News). His menu does help support his ambitious business stance. Project Pollo's offerings include gems like vegan mac & cheese, loaded papas, and the Original Project Pollo chicken sandwich, featuring homemade aioli and dill pickles. With a menu like this, it makes sense that the restaurant should expand. Since its launch, Project Pollo is set to open 12 locations nationwide over the next year. Bradbury is taking advantage of shuttered fast food locations and has already taken over a former Carl's Jr. With any luck, we might just see a Project Pollo in our neighborhood soon.

If you have been craving some cruelty-free fast food, Project Pollo is all over it. If you love the idea of trying out some new fried chicken alternatives or just really want to take down Chick-Fil-A, make sure to show your support to this restaurant chain when it hits your area.