What You Should Know About Sam's Club's Secret Menu

Sam's Club is chock full of delicious finds, like their frozen french toast sticks, plus some amazing deals on bulk items, like toothbrushes and paper towels. What you probably didn't know, however, was that their food court houses a secret menu, and it's actually pretty solid. It's a long-standing fact that their pizzas are actually a good choice, and their Icees and sundaes hit the spot more often than not. 

While their hot dogs might not rank with Costco hot dogs, the pretzels and the pizzas more than compensate for it. Plus, their chicken nuggets are surprisingly out-of-this-world delicious, which is an unexpected surprise coming from the food court of a bulk grocery chain. What's more, it's one of those rare food courts where you can get a lot of things without breaking the bank. Unlike most food courts, it has a bit of a secret menu with some items that are definitely worth trying.

The Sam's Club secret menu has pizza pretzels

The combination of their two most popular items is, frankly, a genius move on Sam's Club's part, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. You can order your soft pretzel to be covered with the traditional pizza toppings for their pepperoni pizzas (via Foodbeast). They douse these pillowy pretzels with their marinara sauce, sprinkle it with cheese, and cover it with pepperonis for a delectable combination that will probably make you swoon. 

If you're hoping for something on the sweeter side, Sam's Club also makes an Icee float. You heard that right, you can get your Icee with a generous dollop of soft-serve ice cream on top. Simply choose your flavor Icee and request to make it a float, or ask for soft-serve ice cream in it. Voila, you've got yourself a delicious and creamy concoction that's legions above a traditional Icee. Thank you, Sam's Club, for going that extra mile and making a secret menu.