People Are Split On Which Discontinued Snack Should Never Have Made A Comeback

There are a lot of reasons people, more specifically Americans, snack. According to Biz Journals, around 59 percent of people prefer it to eating full meals and 82 percent of parents use snacking as a way to connect with their kids. There's no doubt that it's an activity many people do at some point in their day, however, what they choose to chow down on is another subject entirely. Whether you prefer salty or sweet treats, it can be hard to settle on one snack, especially if more than a couple of people are involved. Snackers seem to also have a little trouble deciding on which items they wish had never come back.

Mashed conducted a survey of 655 people to find out which snacks customers didn't care to see on the shelves again. Coming in with the fewest votes, was Wonderballs at 10 percent. There were a fair amount of people who were happy to see Dunkaroos again, which came in at 14 percent. However, the top two snacks people want gone for good, were pretty evenly split. 

The two least favorite snacks might surprise you

In the middle of the road were Doritos 3D and Surge. A surprising 16 percent of people voted that Doritos 3D shouldn't have returned to shelves and Surge received a little less with 17 percent of people. It's hard to believe anyone would want any version of Doritos permanently gone. While the vote was close between Doritos 3D and Surge, there were two snacks that caused an even closer division.

The two snacks people really didn't want to see again were Ecto Cooler and Planters Cheez Balls. These two snacks were within just one-half a percentage point of one another. It turns out Planters Cheeze Balls edged out Ecto Cooler as the least favorite returning snack with 20.61 percent of the vote and Ecto Cooler received 20.15 percent of the vote. That's just three votes difference. Luckily, you don't have to buy any of these snacks even if you do have to see them in convenience and grocery stores.