How To Get Perfectly-Shaped Pancakes Every Time

Pancakes are a breakfast staple, and when you're just whipping up a fluffy batch for yourself, you may not be that concerned if they're different sizes. After all, as long as they still taste good, that's all that matters. However, if you're cooking pancakes for a crowd and you want them to look straight out of a food magazine, there are a few tips to ensure you don't end up with wildly different sizes piled on plates.

You may have heard of the cookie and cupcake trick of using an ice cream scoop to ensure you get a consistent amount of batter. It turns out, the same rule applies to pancakes. Martha Stewart recommends getting a perfectly proportioned amount with the aid of an ice cream scoop to guarantee consistent circular pancakes.

Not a fan of the ice cream scoop method? There are other options. Rather than scooping or spooning your batter, you can use a condiment bottle with a wide tip (via Cuisine at Home). This allows you to better control the flow of the batter. If you don't feel like buying a condiment bottle, you can simply repurpose a ketchup bottle as a pancake dispenser (via Two Healthy Kitchens). Or, deliver an equal dose of pancake batter every time with the help of a turkey baster (via 30Seconds).

Tips to make sure your perfectly-shaped pancakes also taste perfect

What good is a plate full of pancakes that turned out exactly the shape you wanted them if they taste terrible? There are a few tips to consider.

The first starts with the batter. While you may be tempted to whisk away until your batter is silky smooth, don't. Overmixing will cause more and more gluten to develop in your batter, and the resulting pancakes will be tough and chewy, which certainly isn't what you want (via Kitchn).

Your pan selection matters, too. Not everyone has a griddle at home, but take a look through your kitchen before grabbing the first pan you see. According to Bon Appétit, using a wide, heavy-bottomed pan is key, as a thin bottom may cause your pancakes to burn. And don't go too small — pick a pan just big enough to contain one pancake and it'll make the flipping process a lot more difficult.

When you have your pan selected, you need to be mindful of temperature. If you scoop in your batter before the pan is hot enough, it will simply soak up whatever oil or butter you used, creating a greasy end product. However, if you crank up the heat until it's screaming hot, there's a good chance you'll cook the exterior far too quickly, leaving you with a burned bottom and still raw interior. But with the help of these tips (and some great toppings), you'll be all set to create delicious, symmetrical pancakes for brunch.