Here's How Galettes And Tarts Are Different

If you are someone with even a passing interest in baking, then you've probably seen a few terms used for pastries that look rather similar. For example, tarts and galettes. They might appear to be the same type of pastry, however, there are some slight differences. But once you understand what sets them apart from one another, you'll be slicing fruit-filled tarts and galettes all spring and summer long.

Galettes seem to have become one of the trendier no-frills, rustic desserts. All you have to do is made an easy dough, roll it out and fill it with your favorite fruit dusted in sugar (via MyRecipes). Then, the edge of the crust is folded over the fruit toward the middle. It's similar to making a pie, but instead of using a rolling pin to trim the excess dough off before adding a top crust, you simply fold the excess over to make a partial top crust, MyRecipes explains. The crust is typically brushed with an egg wash and a sprinkle of sugar such as turbinado sugar. Tarts, on the other hand, are a little more polished.

This is what sets tarts apart

According to The New York Times, tarts can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and depths, but they do have one thing in common. Rather than being free-formed on a baking sheet like galettes, tarts are prepared and baked in a tart pan. Usually, tart pans come in two pieces with a removable bottom so you can remove the tart from the mold before serving it, according to MyRecipes. This allows you to show off the perfectly clean-cut straight or scalloped sides of the pastry.

Other than the manner in which they are baked, tarts are very similar to galettes, in that they are typically fruit-filled. Many tarts have a custard base, but Butter Baking notes it's also possible to add custard to galettes. Unlike galettes, tarts do not get an egg wash or sugar coating. Instead, the fruit is often brushed with apricot or apple jelly to give the overall dessert a polished, sleek look (via Baker Bettie).

So if you have time to be meticulous about the details, you can go for a tart. But if you don't want to worry too much about the intricacies, go with a more rustic galette.