Costco Is Selling Gigantic Barrels Of Olive Oil. Here's Where To Get Them

If you're someone who uses a lot of olive oil every day, then Costco has a deal you'll be itching to buy. Apparently, according to Instagram fan account, @CostcoDeals, the big-box retailer is selling massive barrels of olive oil. However, you might want to consider just how much olive oil you use before you spring for the oversized container.

According to Olive Oils From Spain, olive oil only truly lasts between nine months to two years once it has been bottled — or in the case, barreled. It isn't necessarily that the olive oil goes rancid or expires by those dates, per se, but it won't be at its fruity, bitter best past that. Both the smell and taste of the oil will lose "intensity" after its best by date.

So unless you're planning to use a full barrel's worth of olive oil over the next two years (as a restaurant would easily be able to do), then you might want to skip this one. Fortunately, whoever does buy a barrel or two has the benefit of the way it's been packaged. The sealed, metal barrels don't allow light or air in, which would make the oil expire faster (via The Kitchn).

This is where you can buy the barrels

If you're still convinced these gigantic barrels of olive oil are a good buy, then you'll need to head to a specific Costco location in particular, not just any Costco store. When @CostcoDeals posted the photo of the barrels on April 12th, the caption read, "Olive oil anyone? Bulk extra virgin @terradelyssa #oliveoil in huge 208 litter barrel drums at Minneapolis @Costco Business Center! Only $869.99!" That means you'll need to visit Costco's Minneapolis Business Center unless you can track down the barrels at a Costco Business Center closer to you. However, $870 for a huge barrel of olive oil is probably a pretty great price.

Within a day, the photo had received more than 4,500 likes. Whether these Costco shoppers and fans were just impressed by the sheer size of the olive oil containers or if they're actually excited to potentially buy this amount of olive oil might remain a mystery.