Alex Guarnaschelli's Surprisingly Controversial Cheese Opinion

Cheese is widely contested topic of conversation. With so many options to choose from, its likely there is someone out there who doesn't enjoy them all — even the cheese varieties your friend raves about may not appeal to you at all. Mashable collected some controversial opinions about cheese, from someone who admitted to biting string cheese instead of pulling it apart to another who finds Kraft singles to be "one of the best cheeses." More on that later.

These cheesy weigh-ins don't only come from average people, but famous personalities like Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski and Chopped judge Alex Guarnaschelli. According to Yahoo!, Porowski told the host of Grubhub's Inside the Bag series that although he loves pretty much all cheeses, his favorite is "processed American cheese" because he wasn't allowed to have it as a kid. Guarnaschelli, a much lauded chef and prominently featured judge on many a food competition show, has some thoughts on this widely contested opinion as well, and her opinion might surprise those who know her to have a sophisticated culinary palate. 

Pass the American cheese, please!

Not one to shy away from the sharing of food opinions, chef Alex Guarnaschelli takes a well-defined stance on the great sliced American cheese debate. Spoiler alert: she's a fan, too! She joins Porowski's camp and vehemently stands up for sliced American cheese lovers everywhere. The chef has even taken to Twitter, not once, but twice, to make note of her fandom, saying, "American cheese is sacred and delicious," and asking, "Why do people have to get upset that American cheese is awesome?"

So while some writers, like Carrie Dennis at Thrillist, may recoil at the thought of the "pasteurized prepared cheese product," others in the cooking world consider it a treat and truly sing its praises. In a burger recipe she shared with People, Guarnaschelli even specifies to include American cheese over options others might consider more elevated. 

Guarnaschelli may be Italian, but she seems happy to defend this American classic, and if it's good enough for her, it can be for others as well. For those who identify as American cheese haters, maybe the chef's opinion will convince you to give it another try!