The Bizarre Place This Real Housewives Star Keeps Her Coffee Machine

Tune into an episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas on Bravo and you're bound to see a lot of over-the-top homes and decor. The stars of the show, including Brandi Redmond, D'Andra Simmons, and Kameron Westcott, are no strangers to the glam life — and their houses certainly reflect that. From secret rooms hidden behind bookcases to walk-in closets the size of a one-bedroom apartment, the women don't exactly live like the average Americans (via Culture Map Dallas).

Take Stephanie Hollman for instance. The RHOD's beloved blonde lives in an extravagant $7 million mansion, which you can tour for $50 to $60 per person (via The Dallas Morning News). It not only includes a steam room, nine-car garage, infinity pool, and two $100,000 chandeliers, it also features one of Hollman's most prized possessions: her coffee maker. But spoiler alert, she doesn't keep it in the kitchen like the rest of us do. Here's where Hollman's coffee machine is hidden.

Stephanie Hollman's coffee maker is in her bathroom

Stephanie Hollman's coffee machine isn't a $40 Mr. Coffee maker you'd find on Amazon — it's a deluxe $4,299 Miele machine. So you'd think she'd want to have that out on display in the kitchen, right? Wrong. Instead, Hollman revealed to Bravo that she keeps her coffee machine in the bathroom. She calls it her "most favorite thing" and something "everyone should have." Even better: There's a dishwasher underneath of it (yes, in the bathroom) in case you're too lazy to go downstairs, she explains.

While Hollman is the only one who keeps her coffee maker in the bathroom, she is not the only RHOD housewife who splurged on the expensive Miele machine. On a previous episode, Hollman called out friend and co-star D'Andra Simmons for having the same taste in coffee makers. Simmons' may not be getting used as often as Hollman's, however (despite the fact that hers is actually kept in the kitchen). When Hollman said she uses hers "every day," Simmons bluntly asked if she could teach her how to use it. Wouldn't want that $4,000+ gadget going to waste, after all...