What Chopped Winner Airis Johnson Is Up To Now

One of the most successful food-based reality shows on television is Chopped. While there are many reasons for its success and large fan base, an Insider piece explains that what really helps Chopped do so well is its splendid blend of all the ingredients needed to come up with an engaging show. It has great good, plenty of drama, and contestants with fabulous talent and amazing back stories. And in case you've been wondering, the show is as tough as it looks. The participants genuinely have no idea what they'll find in their mystery baskets of ingredients while competing (via Insider). Definitely not meant for the faint of heart!

One of the chefs who managed to prove her mettle on the show is Airis Johnson, a talented participant who emerged victorious in the show's 35th season, according to PopSugar. She's been tackling a bunch of projects after her appearance on the show and doesn't intend to slow down anytime soon.

Airis Johnson has an impressive number of things on her plate

As highlighted by PopSugar, after competing on Chopped, Airis Johnson started working as a private chef, preparing high-end and delicious meals for her clients. Additionally, she also started her own company called AIRIS FOODS. As a description on the brand's site explains, "AIRIS FOODS are hand crafted food products that add flavor and flare to all your cooking and snacking needs." It adds that the products work well for home chefs as those working in professional kitchens. Currently, the site offers a pared-down selection of cooking classes for kids and teens to work on with their guardians.

Aside from AIRIS FOODS, Johnson has been teaching aspiring chefs to prepare for a career in the competitive food industry and has worked as an adjunct professor at the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School in South Africa (via PopSugar). As per her Instagram profile, the chef is also interested in food styling and consulting. She wrote about the highs and lows she experienced during the pandemic in an Instagram post and said that she had to adapt quickly and teach her students online. Chef Johnson is proud of her students. As she pointed out, "A year later, I have a whole army of little chefs that can cook most adults under the table." Inspiring stuff!