What Chopped Winner Jason Stude Is Up To Now

One of the most successful food-centered shows on television, Chopped has managed to become an extremely popular pick for many viewers across the country that love watching talented chefs compete against each other for a chance to win the coveted top spot. According to The Things, there's a whole range of behind-the-scenes secrets that allow producers to be ready for all kinds of scenarios. For instance, there's an extra "standby" chef that is always around in case someone has an accident while filming. And contestants are also able to bring their own kitchen knives to cook with during the grueling 18-hour shoots. 

One of the show's standout contestants was chef Jason Stude who was a part of the series in season 17 during an episode called "We Love Leftovers," according to Pop Sugar. Stude managed to make a solid impression with his performance and emerged as the winner, but then resumed a more modest chef life after filming wrapped.

Stude has stayed busy doing his own thing

According to Pop Sugar, Jason Stude returned to his job as chef de cuisine at Second Bar + Kitchen in Austin, Texas after his appearance on Chopped and then worked at Boiler Nine Bar + Grill in the same city until 2019. He also recently had a culinary gig as executive chef at East Austin Hotel where he played an integral role in developing and running the culinary program at onsite restaurant Sixth and Walle, according to Hot Luck Fest. Previous posts on his Instagram profile have also alluded to Stude working as an executive chef at Hotel Settles, a luxury property in Big Spring, Texas. 

As KXAN notes in a 2020 story, Stude has been especially interested in diversifying the menu at Hotel Settles. He explained, "What I look forward to is, not necessarily lightening up the menu, but expanding upon ... neighboring Mexico, Louisiana, New Mexico, other regions in Texas, hill country [and] kind of bringing more of an influence from those areas." He added that he hoped to create a unique experience for kids as well as adults. 

Lately it appears Stude prefers keeping a low profile and hasn't been very active on social media these days.