This Is Where Giada De Laurentiis Recommends You Get Pizza Dough

We love when celebrity chefs give us a sneak peek into their pantry. There are so many different brands of the same ingredient, it is actually helpful to some of us newbs as we begin our culinary journey to know what the experts stock their shelves with. From the essentials like olive oil, pasta, and rice, to the more obscure ingredients, to those that celeb chefs eschew, knowing what to buy, what not to buy, and where to buy it can be an absolute time-saver. It really takes the guesswork out of the process along with having to run around to five different grocery stores to find it.

This is one of the reasons people love Giada De Laurentiis so much. The Italian chef with the California savoir-faire is always sharing her tips and tricks to help us enjoy cooking and make it an easier lift, which is always appreciated. De Laurentiis even took to Instagram to reveal the best place to get pizza dough. Yep, even celebrity chefs who can cook anything buy premade pizza dough and De Laurentiis is no different. And while De Laurentiis's favorite dough comes from a specific shop that might not be in everyone's neighborhood, she also suggests an option that is accessible to us all and makes a lot of sense.  

Go to your local mom and pop pizzerias

Via Instagram, De Laurentiis shared her shopping excursion to the Santa Monica, California sandwich shop, Bay Cities Italian Deli where she stocked up on all things Italian. One item that she made sure to put in her basket was the deli's pizza dough. De Laurentiis said, "My freezer's filled with it because I can pull one out and make pizza for Jade at the drop of the hat." But Giada doesn't just use it for pizza making, she shares that you can also make great bread with Bay Cities pizza dough, noting that this market is a well-known sandwich shop and their bread is "fantastic."

But if you live nowhere close to Santa Monica, and so many of us, sadly, don't, then De Laurentiis suggests another option that came by way of her newsletter where she wrote, "If you don't have time for making dough, don't despair! Many mom-and-pop pizzerias or Italian bakeries will sell you raw dough to be taken home and stretched in seconds, or take a look in your grocery store's refrigerated case" (via The Kitchn). We love this because it does two things. It's a time saver for us and it supports small local businesses. Makes us want to eat more pizza.