Costco Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Chocolate Coconut Covered Cashews

Those who like Hershey's Almond Joy candy bars but felt like there was something missing, you're in luck today. Almond Joys have that signature chew thanks to their layer of coconut, but those who like snappier candy will love the latest find at Costco (via Hersheyland). Shoppers have recently spotted a new candy option at the big-box retailer, and they are loving it.

A Costco fan account on Instagram, @CostcoBuys, discovered the new dark chocolate toasted coconut cashews on April 17th. Within a couple of days, the post had received more than 2,700 likes. The caption reads, "dark chocolate toasted coconut cashews are SO DANGEROUS! I haven't seen these at Costco for a long time so I'm stocking up! You get almost 29oz for $8.49...sounds like a lot but they'll be gone fast." That's an amazing deal on chocolate- and coconut-covered cashews, but you might not be able to stop eating them once you've got a jar.

Costco's new chocolatey mix will be gone fast

No more debating between almonds and cashews. Costco shoppers and fans of the new delicious treat were fast to comment on the @CostcoBuys post. One person wrote, "omg these are SO GOOD. I haven't found them in forever! Can't wait to find them at my Costco!" Someone else said, "I bought these Friday night. They are AMAZING! It's a must buy!" Another person said, "these are amazing!!!!" But then there's the crew of commenters who missed them on their last trip to Costco.

One comment read, "ahhh Man! I didn't see those today." Another person wrote, "I'm gonna go back to grab these!" A third said, "WHAT?! Never saw these!! Definitely trying!!" That just means these folks will have another opportunity to find more great buys at the beloved chain. One final comment came from a shopper who already knows this treat will be their downfall said, "Why Costco why?" Clearly, this product is going to be a hit, so don't wait to go pick a jar or two up.