Costco Shoppers Are Not Impressed With This Keto Pancake Mix

If you're on a budget, buying in bulk can save you a lot of money (and a lot of trips to the store). And one of the best places to buy in bulk is Costco. The Washington-based chain has over 500 locations across the country, where you can find everything from giant rotisserie chickens to fancy Lavazza coffee beans to 27-pound tubs of macaroni and cheese (yes, really). Its store brand, Kirkland Signature, also has a cult following for many of its products, particularly its $6.99 bottles of wine.

However, not everything sold at Costco is a big hit. There are also some big flops — like the keto pancake and waffle mix from Birch Benders. It may be a healthier, diet-friendly alternative to your standard boxed pancake mix, but according to social media, it may not be worth buying the next time you're at Costco. Here's why people aren't adding it to their carts.

Some call it the worst pancake mix they've eaten

Costco fan account @costcobuys may have been excited to find Birch Benders keto pancake mix at their local store for just $4.99 a pop, but many other shoppers are less enthused. Comments on the post dubbed the keto pancakes "terrible stuff," "gross," and "actually awful." One person said the mix — which is made with almond flour, coconut flour, and cassava starch — tastes like eggs, while another says the pancakes always turn out dry and crumbly.

On another of Birch Benders' Instagram posts, one reviewer goes so far as to say, "The worst pancake mix I've ever had...seriously, absolutely terrible! Hopefully your regular mix is better but this keto option is horrific!" They added that the consistency is similar to that of grits and that the pancakes, which only have five grams of net carbs per serving, leave a weird aftertaste in the mouth.