Aldi Shoppers Are Losing It Over This 'Rainbow' Berry Pack

With spring finally upon us, we can start feeling excited for the arrival of fresh fruit. Nobody offers up the best quality and selection on the latest produce like Aldi. With the arrival of their latest offering, the grocery chain has once again raised the bar. Instagrammer @adventuresinaldi learned that Aldi now sells packs of assorted berries perfect for warming weather.

They posted a photo of the find, alongside the caption, "Here is my absolute favorite find of the weekend at Aldi! The RAINBOW PACK of berries!! These are so perfect! I feel like I never finish a full container of berries myself, so having smaller amounts of each kind of berry is so perfect for me Found these in the regular produce section for $3.99 a pack!"

Followers can't get enough of the rainbow pack, showering the post with over 10,000 likes and an array of comments like, "Such a great idea for snack and lunch on the go w the kids!" and "So perfect and wish they were everywhere." The pack of berries features blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, making it the best variety pack of fruit you can buy at Aldi, or as one follower puts it, "The perfect container of berries does exist!!!!"

This is the berry pack of our dreams

While we can't wait to get our hands on this rainbow berry pack, we might have to wait a bit longer. According to Aldi, the product hasn't made it to the national distribution level yet, meaning you have to keep an eye out for it in case your particular Aldi carries this berry variety pack. For now, we might just have to buy blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries separately in the store to create our own homemade rainbow packs as we wait for the arrival of this showstopper of a product. 

With any luck, these products should hit store shelves soon and we can show off our fruity find to all of our friends before we know it. Make sure to stay vigilant on your next grocery run, as you would not want to pass this deal over. With a bit of luck, we can enjoy the berry rainbow and indulge in all the sweet tastes that spring produce has in store for us.