Costco's Giant Box Of Oreos Is A Total Steal

If you ever wonder whether the cost of your Costco membership is worthwhile, just take a look at some of the store's sale offers. For instance, Instagrammer @costcodeals recently posted a special offer on Oreos from their local Costco: a 52 ounce box with ten stay fresh packs for just $6.29, $2.60 off the usual price (via Instagram). That's three whole pounds of Oreos! If this sounds like your kind of deal, you're in luck: the offer is available nationwide through May 9th, so you have some time to stock up.

The post gained over four thousand likes in just a few hours, but ride-or-die fans of the classic cookie were slightly concerned by the sheer volume on offer. Hesitant comments included: "This is not good. ::adds to shopping list::" and "This is v dangerous," with one person even confessing: "I'm ashamed to admit I could destroy that box in a couple days." However, some commenters were less conflicted by the excellent offer.

Fan responses to Costco's Oreo sale

The prospect of getting three pounds of Oreo cookies for just over six dollars is more exciting to some than others. As one commenter observed: "One pack at the store is almost that much," while another wrote: "Costco, you are forcing me," with a crying laughing emoji (via Instagram).

Others took the opportunity to pitch future big box deals, with requests like: "Can't wait for the gluten free Oreos to make it to Costco in these packs,” and "Do a box of the Thin ones," and even: "No double stuff, no way!" Hopefully Oreo and Costco are taking notes and making plans for fans of the other Oreos varieties. After all, who doesn't want to save some money on their favorite sweet snack?

If you're planning to pick up a huge box of Oreos on your next Costco run, just make sure you also get enough milk to wash them down with.