What You Need To Know About Nissan's McDonald's-Themed Car

There's big news for fans of Nissan and/or collectors of rare McDonald's meal toys: Nissan recently unveiled their newest model, the 2022 GT-R NISMO in Japan. And along with the usual excitement from car enthusiasts there's yet another announcement causing buzz online, namely that the new model will be featured as a limited-edition toy in Tomica Happy Sets, the Japanese version of the Happy Meal (via SoyaCincau).

Whether you're excited about the powerful new specs, the clear-coated carbon fiber hood, and red accents — or just the prospect of a new, high-demand McDonald's toy — here's everything you need to know about the Nissan McDonald's partnership. The Nissan GT-R Nismo toy will join the Suzuki Jimny, Toyota 86, and Mitsubishi Delica toys at McDonalds locations in Japan from April 30th through May 13th (via DL Magazine). The majority of the toy GT-R's will be in the new, NISMO-exclusive Stealth Gray color that was "inspired by track tarmacs GT-Rs have set records and competed on" (via Automotive World). However, a lucky few will receive an even more special version of the toy thanks to this promotion.

How you can win a ride in the golden McDT-R

If you're a McDonald's toy collector and happen to be in Japan, you might not want to stop at just one Tomica Happy Set this spring. Why? A limited number of special GT-R toys are available featuring a shiny gold exterior with the same red detailing, inspired by the famous golden arches of McDonald's. 

Sadly, only one full-sized gold GT-R (cleverly called the McDT-R) exists, meaning it won't be available for sale, but that doesn't mean you can't get the chance to drive it. According to Motor Biscuit, as part of the limited-time promotion, a select few McDonald's Japan patrons will win a trip to Nissan's Grandrive test track in Kanagawa, where they'll be driven by a real Nissan test driver in the only gold GT-R. They'll also get a photo with the car along with a scale model to commemorate the experience. Details of the sweepstakes are available through McDonald's Japan.