The Reason Kristen Stewart Refused To Eat Wings On Hot Ones

Kristen Stewart may be best known for her role as Bella Swan, the teenage girl turned blood sucking vampire in the "Twilight" series; the movie had fans conflicted and taking sides in the vampire-werewolf love triangle that resulted. You probably remember the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob saga that ensued, and we still can't make up our minds over Bella's dreamy love interests. In fact, Insider did a poll and found that 60 percent of fans of the movie franchise were undecided about who Bella should have ended up with. Good thing the author of the books wasn't. 

Needless to say, Stewart has come a long ways since her breakthrough role. The actress has gone on to play in movies like "Charlie's Angles," "Seberg," and was even tapped to play Princess Diana in the upcoming movie "Spencer." The actress has definitely made her mark on the big screen, so much so the she was invited to be on Sean Evan's Hot Ones: The Game Show which airs on However, Stewart is among a growing number of celebrities who've appeared on this show — which pummels guests with questions as they eat chicken wings sauced with increasingly hotter and hotter hot sauce — who refused to eat the hot wings

Stewart ate cauliflower instead

Stewart isn't one to shy away from a challenge, but per Plant Based News, the movie star revealed during an interview with Wired that she's trying to eat a more plant based diet. While answering the most searched internet questions about what she eats, Stewart shared, "Everything. Well I mean honestly, we shouldn't eat as much meat guys," she replied. "You know what I'm saying? But like I'm trying a lot, hard. I'm trying earnestly." 

So when it came time for Stewart to take on Evans and his hot sauces, she simply swapped the chicken wings for cauliflower — but swapping the chicken for cauliflower didn't really help with the heat. Per E! News, Stewart was besieged by an attack of the potty mouth as Evans quizzed her about the movie "The Rolling Stones." If you watch the clip on YouTube, best to do so with headphones because Stewart drops a few F-bombs as she tries to keep her composure amid the burning heat. 

Fun fact: Plant Based News points out that Stewart isn't the first to eschew the wings, as Natalie Portman and Billie Eilish also opted for cauliflower.