This Trader Joe's Tip Makes Shopping For Your Diet So Much Easier

We all love Trader Joe's. With its epic array of specialty items, super attendant staff, and wallet-friendly bargains, this casual neighborhood store makes the usual chore of grocery shopping something you actually want to do. (And if you ever wondered, this is why Trader Joe's employees are so friendly!)

Now there's even more reason to love your local TJ's, especially if you have special dietary needs. The store currently offers curated dietary grocery lists. Available in both an online format and in-store printout, each list is individually catered to those shopping specifically for vegan, gluten-free, and kosher products (via Trader Joe's).

Getting the rundown online via the Trader Joe's website is pretty easy if you want to make a virtual list or print out what you need at home. But, if you find yourself at the store and forgot, simply head over to the customer service desk and the printouts should be readily available.

Here's why this Trader Joe's shopping tip is important

Special dietary needs are becoming much more common for people, whether out of necessity or preference. And while plenty of big-name grocery stores are keeping with the times and offering a range of dietary-specific products to shop — in one example, the Good Food Retail Report assesses the most vegan-friendly stores, per Live Kindly – Trader Joe's continues to stand at the forefront of dependable grocers.

When you look at the dietary shopping lists at Trader Joe's, they're extensive and cover nearly every area of food preferences, from full meals to tasty snacks. The gluten-free cereal section alone has 29 picks, as seen on Trader Joe's website.

Moreover, while lots of stores are embracing vegan products, gluten-free and kosher items can be harder to find, let alone have an entire multi-page list dedicated to them. Trader Joe's commitment to dietary inclusivity is a huge factor in its success. And what can we say, we love when the everyday tasks of life are made a little bit easier.