This Is The Right Way To Clean Your Wok

Craving a stir-fry? It's time to take out your wok and get to work. But once you're done cooking and eating your meal, you'll have to clean your wok. It might look like a lot of effort to scrub and wash, but it's easier than you might think. Plus, it's important to take proper care of your wok so it lasts longer and stays in tip-top condition. With this guide, you'll become an expert in cleaning and taking care of your wok in no time.

If you just bought a wok, don't cook with it right away. According to Fine Cooking, brand-new carbon steel woks have a coating that you'll need to scrub off with soap and hot water. The Woks of Life breaks down how to season a wok once you've washed off the coating.

But now that you understand how to prep your wok for cooking, it's time to learn what happens after you're done with your meal.

A how-to guide on cleaning woks

Cleaning a wok only takes a few steps. The Spruce Eats estimates that it takes around 15 minutes, and keeping a nonmetallic scrubber on hand is ideal if you cook with your wok often. According to the site, you'll want to rinse the wok in hot water first before using the nonmetallic scrubber to remove any bits of food. Then, you can dry the wok with paper towels, but The Spruce Eats and Fine Cooking both recommend finishing the drying process over heat from a stove.

For anyone who uses their wok once in a while, The Spruce Eats also suggests wiping the wok with some vegetable oil before putting it away. When you're cleaning your work, you don't need to use dish soap, similarly to how you'd care for a cast iron pan.

Now that you know how to clean your wok, it's worth educating yourself on the different ways you can use it, as well as the common mistakes you should avoid, like keeping the temperature too low. Soon you'll be on your way to mastering cooking with your wok.