How Chrissy Teigen Became One Of The 13 People The President Officially Follows On Twitter

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You may know Chrissy Teigen from her supermodel days, or you may know her from her food blog, her two cookbooks (via Insider), or her line of Target cookware. Former President Donald Trump seemed to know her as an enemy of the state. Trump, who has dished out enough insults on Twitter over the past six years to practically fill a dictionary (via The New York Times), apparently could not take a five-word jab from Chrissy Teigen back in 2017. Trump blocked Teigen on Twitter because she responded to one of his tweets about disloyal Republicans with, "Lolllllll no one likes you" (via BuzzFeed). To be fair to Trump, this one little tweet was probably the last straw. By Teigen's own estimation, she had been trolling Trump on social media for at least five years by that time (via USA Today).

Fast-forward to early morning on inauguration day for Trump's replacement, Joe Biden. On January 20, Teigen, maybe playfully, tagged Joe Biden's personal Twitter account, asking for a follow: "I have been blocked by the president for four years can I get a follow plz" (via Twitter).

Trump criticized both Teigen and husband John Legend on Twitter

President Biden is sure to be a different sort of president than Trump, and one way he's showing that is by welcoming Chrissy Tiegen into his small Twitter circle. Before Biden's first day in office was finished, his @POTUS Twitter account was following Tiegen (via The Washington Post). Her account is one of just 13 that the president's official Twitter follows, and the only account that is not directly connected to the White House.

Chrissy Teigen's reaction had something in common with a lot of Trump's tweets (which you can't see anymore, since the ex-president has been permanently banned from the platform, per Twitter). She wrote it in all caps: "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!"

In another show of support to the Teigen clan, Biden's people invited her husband, John Legend, to perform at the inaugural concert. Trump had attacked Legend on Twitter, too. In 2019, Trump lashed out at "boring musician" Legend for not giving him credit for passing criminal justice reform (via The Washington Post). While he was at it, he took a swipe at Teigen, too, calling her "filthy mouthed" — which seemed unfair, considering that she was blocked and couldn't even offer a comeback.