The Real Reason Trader Joe's Fans Are So Excited For Its Fruity New Gummies

When the gummy bear entered the confection world, people couldn't get enough of the product. The candy took shape back in 1920, when Hans Riegal of Bonn, Germany quit his job as a factory worker and started his own candy company, Haribo (via Bon App├ętit). While Britain's own wine gums started using a gelatin base for candy in 1909, Haribo built upon the recipe, combining the ingredient with fun shapes and amazing flavors that took the world by storm. While many love the texture that Haribo gummies offered, anyone looking to forgo animal products couldn't enjoy the candy. Due to the fact that gelatin derives from animal collagen, vegetarians and vegans have to carefully select their gummy candies (via Healthline).

Trader Joe's has stepped up with a product that many candy lovers can get behind. Instagrammer @traderjoeslist discovered the brand's new fruit gummies, and posted a picture of the snack, alongside the caption "NEW FRUITY GUMMY CANDIES. [Who's] ready for a new gummy treat?! I will be sampling these as soon as I checkout. They are not gluten free (glucose syrup)." The candies, which come in pineapple, blueberry, mango, watermelon, and grapefruit flavors, may have gluten, but don't feature any gelatin.

A Trader Joe's candy that has Instagram talking

The post has so far accumulated over 11,000 likes and a ton of comments, ranging from "So good. Just left tj and I ate the whole bag in the car on the way home!!! Oops!!! Sooooo good sneaking back tomorrow to hoard some lol not gonna lie," all the way to "Adult version of fruit snacks." Multiple followers also took note of the lack of gelatin, commenting with responses like "Yay no gelatin," and "Vegetarian!"

When it comes to pleasing every eater, no one does it better than Trader Joe's. Thanks to their new, gelatin-free candy, vegetarians, vegans, and anyone else looking to eschew animal products can dig into this classic candy that everyone can get behind. With a bit of luck and a lot of support, let's hope Trader Joe's can hold on to this product for years to come. With an excellent combination of ingredients and a candy that can light up social media, everyone comes out a winner.