Ali Khan Had A Hilarious Response To The Premier Of Chopped: 420

TV presenter and YouTube personality Ali Khan is known for being fun-loving and relatable. He's also very active on social media and always up for a laugh. As per his website, Khan loves experimenting with absolutely everything possible in the world of food television and comedy, and this has led him to host Food Network's "Spring Baking Championship" and appear as a judge on the popular shows, "Chopped" and "Chopped Junior."

Being a "Chopped" veteran, Khan had a few thoughts about the newest rendition of the show, "Chopped: 420." According to Delish, what sets this version of the show apart is the fact that every food item is prepared with cannabis. Also, for those not in the know, this edition's format remains the same and participants have to battle it out against each other and prepare delicious meals to bag the grand cash prize of $10,000.

Well, after some thinking, and presumably watching the show (which was released on April 20), Khan has taken to Twitter to express his feelings in his own comedic fashion.

Chopped: 420 revived a few old favorites for Ali Khan

The Food Network's Twitter account published a fun tweet announcing the launch of "Chopped: 420." It read, "We'll be blunt... Watch #Chopped420 now exclusively on @DiscoveryPlus." Fans were amused, especially Ali Khan who responded to the tweet saying that he's never ever going to get tired of the jokes and witty tweets. He also added a tweet of his own a little over a week later that read, "In other news I'm listening to 311 and Phish again." What a way to celebrate the new show, huh?

Khan's thoughts aside, "Chopped: 420" received a lot of strong reactions from other viewers online, too. One Twitter user wrote that they think this is a huge step ahead for cannabis while others expressed their excitement for this new, unconventional theme. But regardless of what people thought of the show, "Chopped: 420" is definitely a unique new option to stream.