Here's What Bobby Flay's Ex-Wife Stephanie March Is Up To Now

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay and actress Stephanie March reportedly had a rough marriage. March revealed that when things were simply not working out with Flay, she was experiencing immense self-doubt, and wondered how to improve her situation. Her acting career was also at a standstill, and March needed to feel like she was in control. "[I] couldn't get a job I wanted on camera, couldn't get attention for my production projects, couldn't travel the world far enough or fast enough or immerse myself in philanthropy enough to make it all go away," she penned in an essay for Refinery29.

March had been with Flay for a decade by then and knew even that was slipping away. In fact, things got so rough that she decided to try plastic surgery to save her relationship. March added that the surgery did make her look better, but ultimately, the couple's relationship didn't last; they got a divorce in 2015. Thankfully, March managed to bounce back from this and is doing a lot better these days.

March has moved on from Flay

March found it tough to deal with all the publicity that her relationship with Flay received when it broke down. But she didn't forget to count her blessings, and said that she was lucky to have loved ones by her side. "I am by no means the only person to ever go through this and I'm very cognitive of that," she explained to Extra. "I have a wonderful support network of really good friends and really good family so I don't spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself about it."

Meanwhile, March found love again when she met entrepreneur Dan Benton; the couple tied the knot in 2017 (via People). These days, March has gotten herself involved in multiple projects such as the 2021 film, "A House on Fire." Also, as she revealed on her Instagram account, March partnered with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and others to work on the New York-based eatery, Sona. And yes, March's relationship with Benton is still going strong. March posted a photo of herself and Benton on her husband's birthday in December and wrote a simple message, "Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Darling."

March has taken on new challenges

March has been focusing intently on her professional career. According to Fansided, the actor experimented with comedy and played an entertaining role in the 2019 film,"The Social Ones." March's character in the mockumentary was a therapist who helped others tackle their addiction to social media. And guess what? March didn't just act in the film — she was also an executive producer.

March really enjoyed working on "The Social Ones," especially considering the fact that it was a lighthearted film. "It's so fun and it's a different environment on set," she revealed. "It's just a little bit looser. It's a little bit freer. I had a great time." March added that when she first read the script, she loved it so much that she passed it along to her husband and sister who couldn't help but love it themselves. March said that this motivated her to join the film and push her boundaries.

March is making her presence felt

March is also making it a point to focus on the causes she cares about the most. For instance, on Earth day, the actor posted pictures from her family's farm on Instagram and wrote that it's one of her most cherished spots on the planet. March has also lent her support to politician Ray McGuire, who's running for mayor of New York City. March joined McGuire in an Instagram video and wrote, "Ray McGuire is an A+ human. He would be an AMAZING mayor for #NYC. Ray and I discuss this, tacos, and more."

Additionally, March is constantly staying in touch with her fans on social media. She keeps giving them a glimpse into her life, including photos of her adorable cat who has a separate Instagram account. And of course, March is also pretty vocal about her partnership with the restaurant, Sona. She shared a fun video of herself trying a sweet and spicy Indian snack called golgappa at the restaurant in March of 2021. Seems like she's having the time of her life!

March is also the co-founder of a makeup brand called SheSpoke that she started with her colleague from "Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit," make-up artist Rebecca Perkins. A description on the brand's website reads, "SHESPOKE represents the freedom, playfulness and joy that comes from using makeup as a tool of self-expression." March and Perkins offer customized makeup options to their customers.