Cool Ranch Doritos Fans Will Love Lay's New Snack Mashup

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Cool Ranch Doritos are on the top tier of most chip lovers' snack lists, and for good reason — the flavor is, admittedly, unmatched. A recent survey conducted by Mashed found that 46% of respondents preferred Cool Ranch over other Dorito flavors, and we can't say we blame them. Between the crunch of the tortilla and the savory coating of oniony, salty seasoning, they're an expected choice for any gas station snack run.

The best part, though? The crumbs at the bottom of the bag, featuring a few chips with the most Dorito dust — you know the ones. Reddit user /Wynaeri once shared a photo of the jackpot of all Dorito bags, filled with enough of the seasoning to bottle up and store away (or unashamedly lick off of your fingers).

Naturally, manufacturer Frito-Lay took note of this fan-favorite flavoring and decided to give another classic a zesty revamp. The snack mashup is now hitting store shelves.

This new flavor combo is a savory lover's dream

Say goodbye to being stuck in the snack aisle. It turns out, you don't necessarily have to choose between potato chips or a satisfying bag of Doritos. Frito-Lay just introduced a new lineup of flavor mashups featuring their classic Lay's chip combined with seasonings from other chip favorites. If you've ever craved the crispness of a potato chip, but wanted the flavor of Cool Ranch Doritos — without the crunch of the tortilla — then now's the time to stock up. Given the popularity of Cool Ranch Doritos, this one's bound to fly off the shelves (via Yahoo).

The new Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch Chips can only be found at select Target stores as of right now. A 7.75-ounce bag costs $3.59 and a serving (of 17 chips) clocks in at 150 calories, according to Target. Traditional Cool Ranch Doritos are 150 calories for 12 chips, per the store's website. As the bag indicates, Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch Chips are a limited-time flavor, so snack lovers will want to get moving on this one.

More limited edition Lay's mashups are in the works

As universally beloved as Cool Ranch Doritos are, there's certainly a whole arsenal of chip favorites under Frito-Lay's brand that would make for a mouthwatering mashup. And, fortunately for us, Cool Ranch Doritos aren't the only iconic chip to make a crossover with Lay's. We've seen Frito-Lay work with interesting combos before. Some might remember the infamous chocolate-covered Lay's, which disappeared off shelves for years before popping up again in early 2021 — but a savory mashup like this is one for the books (via Hello Vancity).

According to Hip2Save, two other variations on potato chips are rolling out alongside the Cool Ranch concoction: Funyuns and Cheetos. And honestly, what better way to stain your fingers with Cheeto dust, than through a bag of Lay's? You can snag your pick of Funyuns or Cheetos-flavored Lay's in stores soon (or both). Just be sure to stock up, because this line-up is limited edition and may not stick around for long.