How Rich Is The Jack In The Box CEO And What's The Average Pay Of Its Employees?

Jack in the Box fans know that when it's time to indulge in a fast-food meal, there's no other place to consider. The restaurant, which Business Insider notes as being the "fifth largest burger brand," has come a long way since its humble beginnings. As a restaurant "for those who live outside the box" (per the official website), Jack in the Box has been doling out fast, hot, and fresh burgers and fries since the first set of doors opened in 1951. Today, the restaurant offers more than 2,000 restaurants nationwide serving 500 million people every year. 

While the chain may be known for good food, according to Forbes, Jack in the Box is also known for being one of the "Best Employers for Diversity" (2021) and "Best Employers for New Grads" (2020). But does that mean the pay for employees is the reason why they're noted as being among the best?

Indeed notes that cooks, team members, and shift leaders are all paid around $11 per hour. Crew members and team leaders make a little bit more, around the $12/hour mark, while both restaurant staff and assistant managers earn $13.77 and $13.04, respectively. Among those earning the most working at a Jack in the Box location are restaurant managers — who make around $16.66 an hour — and store managers who net a salary of $40,564. But the real question is how does that stack up to the net worth of the brand's current CEO, Darin Harris.

Darin Harris earned more than $1 million as the new CEO

The total net worth for Darin Harris, who QSR Magazine notes as only taking over the CEO position in April 2020, isn't easy to find, though there is some intel on his current estimated salary. With more than 25 years of experience leading other quick-service food establishments such as Arby's and Cicis Pizza, Harris has a wealth of experience to offer for the role. According to, that has earned him a yearly base pay salary of about $237,981, which — when compared to other CEOs such as Richard E. Allison Jr. from Domino's — is significantly less than others in his field. 

Harris did, however, receive a bonus of $525,000 (possibly awarded when he began the job), and also notes that Harris was awarded almost $600,000 in stock and received close to $9,000 "from other types of compensation" as well, bringing his total annual payout to just over the $1.3 million mark.

With an impressive and expansive résumé such as his — as well as potential stocks, investments, and savings that he may have accumulated over the years in his other CEO and COO roles — a hefty net worth can only be expected.