What Is Maple Sugar And How Do You Use It?

We've all heard of the sticky decadent topping known as maple syrup, but what about its long lost cousin, maple sugar? There is a reason waffles, fresh toast, and pancakes taste the best with maple syrup on top: sugar. With sugar in just about any sweet thing you could crave, trying to find a substitute for it is important, says Today.

Too much sugar can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, and even increased risk for a heart attack, according to Harvard Health. So, what's too much on a daily basis? Anything above nine teaspoons is not recommended — this is a single can of soda (via Harvard Health). Coca Cola on a hot day comes with its cons! 

Maple sugar comes to the rescue when it comes to saving your sweet tooth. It can be used in substitute to regular granulated sugar. Careful, though; as WebMD explains, maple sugar is sweeter than white or brown sugar, so be sure to use less. This lower calorie sugar can be used for just about anything regular sugar can.

Ready, set, bake

Maple sugar is actually just maple syrup with the liquid boiled away ("maple syrup that has been crystallized and turned into pure happiness," says Maple Syrup World). Unlike regular sugar, maple only has 30 calories per tablespoon. So, out with the old and in with the new. Switch out your baking supplies with a sweeter yet a lower calorie option. As long as you enjoy the maple flavor that'll come along with it, you are in for a sweet treat.

Any cookie, cake, or brownie recipe can be easily made with maple sugar. "Today" says to cut down a cup to ¾ due to the sweetness, but that's what we're going for, right? Most grocery stores will carry it; just take a gander down the baking aisle and keep your eye out for "maple" on the package.

Once scooped up in your grocery bag, you are free to indulge your sweet tooth. If you want to go for the sweet side at dinner rather than dessert, maple sugar can be tossed with carrots in a dish and baked (via Epicurious). Top with olive oil and salt and serve alongside a dish of your choosing.