The Chocolate Brand Ina Garten Swears By

Even if you've only watched one of Ina Garten's television shows once, you likely know by now that the Barefoot Contessa knows a thing or two about quality ingredients. That's why she insists on using them to ensure the dishes she makes are as good as possible. But what you might not know is that Garten's recommendations are not paid endorsements (via CheatSheet).

While Garten will tell you what kind of salt, olive oil, or even vanilla extract she likes, she isn't being compensated to use those products. So you know she recommends things she really likes, even right down to lip gloss. That's also why her faves are listed under "Good Ingredients" on her website, and are linked to their own websites for shopping. 

While Garten loves Lindt Chocolate for baking, it isn't the only chocolate brand she endorses (via SheKnows). She also swears by Callebaut Chocolate, which has been made in Belgium for more than 100 years. It's also a go-to for many skilled chefs and chocolatiers.

This is why you'll love it too

There's a lot to love about the shopping and purchasing process on the Callebaut Chocolate website. They offer a wide range of types and styles of chocolate to fit any of your confectionary needs, but the chocolate company also sells a lot more than just its high quality chocolate. Callebaut is actually a complete resource for those who are planning to work with chocolate in almost any style of cooking. There are tools to help you learn and improve your techniques as well as a chocolate academy where they teach, too.

The way that the website is laid out for purchasing also gives customers a lot to love. Buyers can search for the type of chocolate they want, but there are also very helpful categories. For example, the chocolates have been sorted out so you can filter them for dietary restrictions such as Halal, Kosher, Fairtrade and more. Another way to filter through the types of chocolate is by the way in which you plan to use it, so you can see which chocolates the company says are best for ice cream, baking, pastry and confectionery sweets.

So the next time you need to restock your pantry's chocolate supply, consider taking a tip from Garten. Chances are you'll find exactly what you need.