The Royal Family Must Follow This Strict Napkin Rule

Fans of "Bridgerton" and "The Crown" probably know by now that nobility isn't all it's cracked up to be. There are so many rules for how to sit, how to enter a room, and the best way to curtsy to the Queen. And the rules around food – where do we even start?

If you're a royal, you can never, ever share your food, you will receive the same birthday cake every year (no matter what), and, if you find yourself with a morning invitation to Buckingham Palace, you'll notice the Queen eats the same breakfast day in and day out. Then there's Happy Hour at the palace, which finds Her Majesty sipping her favorite cocktail while making sure the kitchen knows what to cook for dinner. After, all there are so many foods the Queen won't allow the Royal Family to eat), which comes as a major bummer if any are a fan of Italian food, or namely garlic and onions.

And here's a new one — there's also one very bizarre napkin rule for the dinner table.

The royal family's interesting napkin rule

Once they're finished with their meal, the royal family does something peculiar with their napkins that we commoners don't, Delish reports.

That being, they have a strict code of etiquette to fold over a napkin after using it so no dinner guests have to see the errant food stains on the stained cloth. Although, if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. If you're eating chicken marsala (without garlic or onions, of course), and then accidentally get some sauce on your chin, you don't want everyone else around the table to see evidence of your oopsie. 

The napkin protocol will certainly come in handy if you're ever invited to dinner at Sandringham House, too — especially when the Queen makes her signature move to let the table know it's time to stop eating. The act of shoveling your last morsel of food into your mouth may be fraught with nervousness, and undoubtedly some spills, as time gets ticking. The only way to regain your composure may be to get some food down your throat and use your napkin to fix your face.

Just remember: dab, dab, fold.