The Inspirational Way Nigella Lawson Sees Eating

Nigella Lawson already inspires us with her cooking, and now she's inspiring us with her eating, too. The New York Times shared a quote from her latest book via their Twitter account: "Truly, the world is not always rich in occasions of joy." After 2020, we can likely all agree that sometimes joy is lacking, but Lawson has a different take on how to find this joy in our daily lives. Says the celebrity chef, "I see every mealtime, every mouthful, as a celebration of life. ... It's such a waste otherwise."

In her book "Cook, Eat, Repeat," that critics describe as "stream-of-consciousness" and "casually erudite and seductive," this beauty demonstrates her brains, too. She discusses the joy of simple pleasures, such as the crunch of a fish stick, and scorns food snobbery. "Eating is such a huge and elemental pleasure," she says, "what a strangely puny act to want to police it" (via New York Times). 

"Cook, Eat, Repeat" is so full of original Lawson-esque stories, insight, and of course recipes, that the audiobook version will require almost 12 hours to listen to in its entirety. It's this philosophy of joy that carries through with her fans, however. 

Like a love letter about food

Lawson's latest book has consistently hit the right flavor profiles with her readers, who are impressed with her writing style, beginning with early reviews of her written book in late 2020. We can only imagine how pleased fans are to hear her words in her own pleasingly accented British voice. Says one early reader, Andy Horton, "Lots of reflective food writing, too — this is a dense, warm, flavoursome casserole of a book, just right for dipping into as the year turns, the days grow colder and we look forward to hearty meals and Christmas celebrations" (via Good Reads).

It's almost as if her inspirational take on food has been translated to a chapter of this compelling and food-based story. With contagious happiness, reviewer Prudence the Crow shares, "...Unlikely things come together, and simple things stay simple, and I felt my horizons brightened, my stomach rumble, and my mind cheer at these contemplations throughout. The audiobook is as lovely as ever," although the reviewer notes that she's also a fan of Lawson's earlier works.

Take a page from Lawson and get inspired by what you eat. From chicken nuggets to chicken cordon bleu — celebrate.