The Common BBQ Mistake You're Probably Making

BBQ flavored anything is a fan favorite. BBQ chips, wings, and just about anything being topped with the sweet tangy sauce is bound to snatched up first at any gathering. As BBQ Everyday says, it is easy to cater to everyone's taste due to the wide variety of foods that are served BBQ style.

Even the pickiest of eaters can appreciate a tangy bite into BBQ chicken, ribs, or pulled pork. It's just juicy protein backed with sauce, right? The depth of flavor comes out when grilled or baked, according to Better Homes & Gardens. But it can of course be used to dunk your fries, nuggets, and veggies, if you would prefer. Just think about that sweet tangy fast-food BBQ sauce from McDonalds!

Sometimes, though, cooking it at home can fall flat in comparison to the BBQ experience at a restaurant or summer cookout. The Spruce Eats says it's all about how the sauce is used that determines the outcome of your dish.

BBQ sauce is just as tricky as it is sweet

One of the main ingredients in all BBQ sauce is brown sugar — and a large amount of it, too (via All Recipes). Sugar can be tricky to cook with because it will caramelize at a lower temperature than required to cook proteins like chicken or steak (via The Spruce Eats). If you have ever wondered why the BBQ sauce on your chicken has blackened or burned before the chicken is done, that is why.

Most people tend to marinate their proteins in BBQ sauce before cooking on the grill. While you can do that, you may want to take notes on a better way to get that rich flavor. Instead, try cooking your meat almost all the way through before adding your BBQ sauce of choice.

You want the flavor to enhance the meat, not crisp the outside while the inside is left to rot away the goodness! The Spruce Eats says that by cooking the meat about three-quarters of the way through, whether in the grill or oven, you will ensure a sweet and tangy BBQ flavor, rather than a burnt and bitter flavor that can occur when cooked for too long at a high heat.

And for those who just simply want to dip into BBQ sauce? Continue dipping (and enjoying)!