Here's The Trick To Buying Perfect Corn On The Cob

Although running a sophisticated restaurant in the glamour of New York or Paris is challenging, when it comes to culinary tasks nothing quite comes close to the complications involved with using an outdoor grill. Aside from the dry bread and blackened meat, choosing the correct corn is a necessity for an enjoyable grilled meal.

Finding the perfect corn on the cob is not always easily achieved, however. Despite store shelves being piled high with wide varieties of exotic crops, corn can often be aggressively handled, leading to damage that severely affects its freshness.

Looking before touching is a very effective way of judging the sweetest corns. According to SELF, one of the immediate signs of good quality corn is that it will be big, boasting an eight-inch length and a thick girth. Food52 additionally explains that wormholes can be an occurrence in corn, causing tiny brown holes in the husk (the external covering that protects the yellow kernel pieces). Corn displaying wormholes should be avoided at all costs.

The quality of corn can be judged by its color and feel

Healthy and tasty corn will have bold green husks that are moist and tightly wrapped. A husk that is discolored or dry means that the corn has started to turn bad. However tempting it may be, peeling back the husk to take a peek inside must be avoided because it increases the rate at which the corn loses its moisture (via Taste of Home).

SELF notes that giving the husk a hearty squeeze will allow you to feel how well the kernels have developed — the best corn will have fat, juicy kernels that are packed tightly together. A further sign of a fresh corn on the cob is that its tassels (the flower that naturally begins to grow from the top) are brown and sticky, not dry or black (via Food52).

Once the ripe, crispy, and majestic corn has been carefully chosen, the final process is to ensure its longevity by wrapping it thoroughly in a bag and storing it in a refrigerator until you're ready to grill it (via Taste of Home). Then it's time to invite your friends over for a barbecue — with a takeout menu on standby.