The Burger King Menu Item You Didn't Know Is Sold During Breakfast

There is a bit of an arbitrary standard for what is considered to be appropriate breakfast food. The Daily Meal notes that items like "sausage and biscuits, cereal and milk (or muesli and yogurt), doughnuts and coffee, or pancakes and syrup" tend to earn the breakfast food title, even when eaten at other meals — breakfast for dinner, anyone? 

More recently, that rigid breakfast standard is being challenged and people are getting much more inventive with their morning food. Guest of a Guest recently rounded up five places serving brunch burgers in NYC and other places, like Macchina, let you add an egg to your pizza to make it "brunch style." Business Insider, in an article documenting new breakfast trends, also noted the increasing appeal of breakfast tacos and burritos. We know fast food chains like McDonald's and Burger King jumped on the breakfast wagon years ago, but some of their items served in the a.m. are still not as known to customers. Burger King in particular has some breakfast options that may surprise you.

The Not-Quite-Breakfast Breakfast Menu Item

As we can see, brunch burgers are becoming ever more popular, but it appears that Burger King was ahead of the curve on that trend. Business Insider notes that in 2014, they told that they rolled out a "Burgers at Breakfast" menu, offering the meaty treat from morning til night. This was a response to McDonald's work to create an all day breakfast menu, which they've since rolled out. 

If Burger King couldn't serve breakfast all day, Business Insider notes they could at least serve a vast selection of options during breakfast time, including "Whoppers and Double Whoppers, the new Big King, Whopper Jr. burgers, cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Original Chicken Sandwich and french fries."

So armed with that knowledge, BK got ahead of McDonald's in the all day department (sort of), offering an item for morning diners that was unconventional at the time, but nonetheless a pretty smart way around an all day breakfast that will both satisfy customers and work with their equipment and setup.