Why You Should Start Keeping A Spray Bottle Next To Your Charcoal Grill

With summer fast approaching, it might be time to finally dust off that charcoal grill that's taken up permanent residence in your backyard — because we're willing to bet that it's possible it's been some time since you last had a barbecue. As you begin to prepare for summer fun in all its glory, we recommend thinking about polishing up those grilling skills, as well as the grill itself.

When you're behind the grill, making sure the fire is burning and the food is cooking, things can easily get lost in the mix and lead you to overlooking crucial details and potential challenges. One of those challenges is the grill flare-up, an all-too-common grilling nightmare that can quickly become a reality if you're not prepared. Occurring when splatters of grease and fat come into contact with a heat source, it's not unusual for a flame to instantly spark that may lead to severe consequences. But there's one easy trick to keep the fires calm: a spray bottle.

A spray bottle can save the day

According to Jake's Famous Foods, there are plenty of easy ways to prevent these grill flare-ups. One helpful move is to keep your grill squeaky clean. However, we know that might not always be the case, especially with older grills. Another tip is to remove as much fat from meats as possible before grilling, as excess fat is known to spark flare-ups.

Although following these recommendations might not guarantee a flare-free grill experience, when in doubt, be sure to keep the spray bottle nearby. Tame the flames on your charcoal grill with a few sprays of water and rest easy, knowing your food will have a much better chance of emerging from the grill not only edible, but delicious. It's important to bear in mind, however, that this simple trick works best with charcoal grills and not gas grills. For uncontrollable flares, ditch the spray and instead close the lid to allow the trapped oxygen to quickly burn off, thus ending the flames. Happy grilling!