The Real Reason Miller Is Planning To Launch A Seltzer Into Space

While Miller High Life may be known for its "Girl in the Moon" logo (via Molson Coors Blog), another one of the brand's beers is going to send an entirely different product into orbit. According to a statement sent to Mashed, Miller Genuine Draft is planning to strap several cases of hard seltzer onto a rocket and, as they say, "send the oh-so-trendy beverage hurtling into the atmosphere."

As to why MGD is planning this act of aerial pollution, it's not because they think their sister brand's Moon Maiden is getting tired of subsisting off nothing but beer and green cheese. Instead, they mean to throw some not-so-subtle shade on a drink that's been cutting into the beer market. As the Financial Times revealed, the growing popularity of hard seltzers has taken some of the fizz out of the beer market. While other brewers have fought back by launching their own line of hard seltzers, Miller is staying true to the brew. As Sofia Colucci, the Vice President of Miller Family of Brands, said in a press release: "We launch beers, and we launch everything else into space."

You can participate in the launch

If you are wondering what spiked seltzer brands are going on this one-way trip, it seems that has yet to be decided. In fact, if you act now, you can even have an opportunity to play a part in selecting the seltzers to be sent into orbit (or wherever they wind up). Just go to the MGD Seltzer Launch website and suggest the seltzer you'd most like to see leave the planet.

The launch itself is set to take place on May 13, and you can tune in to @MillerLite's Facebook and Twitter channels to watch the festivities starting at 4 p.m. EST. They'll kick off with a 60-second video, then, if all systems are go, you can watch the rocket boldly go where no seltzer has gone before. As the YouTube promo Miller sent Mashed says, "We absolutely have no problem with launching a seltzer just as long as we don't have to brew it or get anyone to drink it or perpetuate its existence in the physical world as we know it." In the press release, Bianca Guimaraes (Partner and Executive Creative Director of ad agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address, who is partnering with Miller for the stunt) added, "We spent a lot of time debating if we should bury seltzers, shoot them off into space or drop them into the mouth of an erupting volcano. But sending them into a black hole seemed to make the most sense." Well, okay then, but let's just hope the seltzer doesn't come crashing back down like some kind of doomsday asteroid to put an end to all life on the planet. Sure, a little healthy competition is good for the marketplace, but that's taking crushing your rivals a bit too far.