Why This Person Ate The Entire Five Guys Menu In Less Than An Hour

If you ask him what he's been up to lately, Kyle Gibson might tell you that he's coming down from a major sugar high after eating every single donut on Krispy Kreme's menu just because ... he was bored (via Instagram). Sugar challenges are particularly demanding for Gibson. As he once told Chronicle Live, "they go downhill fast," and "the challenge eventually becomes about not being sick." Stash that nugget of wisdom away for the next time you decide to go on a donut-eating rampage.

There's not much in the fast-food world that Gibson couldn't impart advice about. The competitive eater has done everything from getting tattooed for free food (via Instagram) to eating five large Domino's pizzas worth 10,000 calories in one sitting (via Instagram) to downing Taco Bell's entire veggie menu (via Instagram). Then, there was the time in August 2020 that he decided to eat 13,400 calories worth of the entire Five Guys menu. Why? "I've wanted to do a challenge at Five Guys for I don't know how long," Gibson says in a Youtube video documenting the experience. But his deep-seated desire to take on the legendary burger chain wasn't Gibson's only motivator.

Kyle GIbson ate the entire Five Guys menu for charity

Two days after what Gibson described in his Youtube video as "big sushi challenge," the competitive eater somehow managed to consume eight burgers, four hotdogs, two orders of fries (cajun and regular), two veggie sandwiches, one grilled cheese sandwich, two milkshakes (including the millionaire's shortbread flavored one), and two refill drinks in 61 minutes. "That was mad," he said when he finished, telling onlookers that he needed to go lie down. Did anyone not see that coming? 

Gibson later explained the challenge to Sunderland Echo. "A company sponsored the video and told me if I could do it then they would pay for it and donate some money to a charity of my choice," he said. So, after dishing out around $161.00 dollars worth of food on Five Guys, Gibson was able to give what he described in his Youtube video as a "bunch of food" and a little bit over $565.00 dollars as a cash donation to a local food bank. "I know that not everyone has access to food so I picked the foodbank and before I knew it, they had given me the money to donate so I had to do the challenge," he told The Echo.