This Trick Could Save Burnt Milk

Burnt milk is the worst. All that brown, sticky gunk that forms on the bottom of your pot takes forever to clean up and that's never fun. And the unpleasant smell that arises when you find your milk is past boiling is enough to make you gag, leaving it entirely undrinkable. If you are thinking there is only one place for burnt milk, we are with you. However, if you burn your milk, there's still hope. Well, maybe not for your pot. You are still going to have to scrub it. Sorry. But you don't necessarily have to pour your dairy down your sink's drain.

According to DelishBetter Butter, and Her Zindagi, if you walk away from milk on the stove and come back to a burnt mess, you actually have a few options to try and salvage it. The great news is, if you still want to drink the scorched milk, you can go to your spice cabinet  and find several items that will help you do just that. But if that does not factor into your culinary calculus, you might consider turning that scalded milk into something that will mask the taste and satisfy your milk craving.  

The secret's in your spice cabinet

Per Delish, if your milk burns while you are heating it up on the stove, you can try adding a pinch of salt to it. The salt may help neutralize the smell and taste of your charred beverage. SFGate also notes that salt can help you scrub your scorched sauce pan to get it back into tip top shape. But if you find salt does not do the job, there are other tricks to pull out of your chef hat.  

According to Her Zindgai, it's important to swap out pots if you find your simmering milk has burned before even trying any of these milk-saving options. Most of the items you need to resuscitate your creamy liquid can probably befound in your spice cabinet. 

For example, roasting a couple of cinnamon sticks and putting them in your damaged milk will take away the smell and can then be used to make porridge or chia pudding. You can also roast bay leaf, black and green cardamom, along with some cloves and pour it into your scorched milk. This will not only take away the smell, but will allow you to drink it up, as well. You can also try betel leaves which can hide the burnt smell and taste. And, per Better Butter, you can use your burnt milk to make paneer, which is Indian cheese, custard, or even burnt milk ice cream.