Aldi Shoppers Are Confused About These Chicken Cordon Bleu Prices

Aldi is well known for their low prices on everything from everyday groceries, including cheap meat, to items with cult followings. Sometimes their prices do not entirely make sense, however, as it recently happened with their pricing for chicken cordon bleu, which has fans of the chain on Reddit confused and talking. 

Reddit user @_Raspootin_ started the thread by posting photos of a two-pack box of Kirkwood chicken cordon bleu and the plastic-wrapped single servings and asking, "The two pack of cordon Bleu is $2.99. The singles are just 99 cents. You would think the two pack would be cheaper?" That's a fair question, especially since buying in bulk is one of the reasons Aldi is able to offer their steep discounts, according to personal finance expert Lauren Greutman.

Other Reddit users on the thread have tried explaining away the odd pricing, with @SnooWoofers530 asking, "Are they the same size? I don't see the weight on the box" only for @sDeezyeazy to reply, "Yes, you can see it on the price tags. Even the cost/ounce is listed as 33% less on the individual ones."

So why does the two-pack cost more than the single serve?

Reddit users have come up with different theories. @Sheek014 guessed that the boxed versions were of a higher quality, while @Odd_Rub had never tried the boxed version, since the single packs were cheaper. Quality aside, @Der_Missionar theorized that there is a cost to the convenience of buying more items at a time, and hence the higher price. Several users noted that they have seen similarly perplexing pricing on goods they have purchased from Walmart and Amazon, as well as McDonald's chicken McNuggets, Kraft mac and cheese, and condiments.

Whatever the reason, if you want to try some Kirkwood chicken cordon bleu for yourself, you'd best head out to your nearest Aldi and grab some before they go out of stock. Commenters on Make Dinner Easy have written about not being able to find them at their local Aldi in the past. They have also gotten good reviews on Aldi Reviewer and several Aldi Facebook groups, with a post on the Facebook group garnering hundreds of likes and comments. On the ALDI Aisle of Shame Facebook group, a commenter replied to a post requesting reviews, stating that she buys them by the case, though it's not clear whether it's a case of the individually wrapped ones or the two-pack boxes.