These Are The Only Ingredients In Tabasco Sauce

Journalist P. J. Rourke once said, "The only really good vegetable is Tabasco sauce. Put Tabasco sauce in everything." And he wasn't wrong. The smallest splash of Tabasco can go a long way when it comes to spicing up a meal — breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The iconic Southern hot sauce adds a smoky zest and brightness to salads, beans, pizza slices, Bloody Marys, eggs, tacos, and well...pretty much anything it touches.

Tabasco was introduced to the world in 1868 by a man named Edmund McIlhenny (via Tabasco). He was an Irish-American businessman who founded and owned McIlhenny Company. Shortly after it entered the market, the product became a hit in New Orleans, and people were putting it on absolutely everything. They simply couldn't get enough of the zippy new condiment! It was even lovingly called "that famous sauce Mr. McIlhenny makes." The company is still family-owned and operated on Avery Island, Louisiana today, according to the official brand website. Another aspect of Tabasco that hasn't changed a bit is the recipe.

What is Tabasco sauce made from?

Before Tabasco came along, the Southern diet was — surprisingly — bland and lacking in variety (via Tabasco). McIlhenny set out to create a sauce that added an entirely new flavor palate to foods. As the saying goes: the simpler, the better. And that's the exact type of philosophy the Tabasco brand abides by. According to Southern Living, Tabasco is made from just three simple, all-natural ingredients: distilled vinegar, red peppers, and salt. That's it!

However, even though these ingredients are quite common, the formula itself is special, making it challenging to replicate in one's home kitchen. Why? First of all, the hot sauce is barrel-aged for three years. The salt is mined right on Avery Island, Louisiana (which isn't even an island, but rather a salt mine). This is also where the red peppers are grown and then shipped to hot sauce manufacturing plants around the country (via Southern Living).

Sometimes, even the simplest recipes can become the most game-changing. Tabasco has maintained its remarkable taste for well over a century, and the company doesn't plan on making any tweaks any time soon. Cheers to Tabasco — a legendary sauce that has withstood the test of time!