Here's What Martha Stewart Wants To Write About For Her 100th Book

Martha Stewart made being the quintessential domestic goddess chic and hip before it ever was. Today, Stewart is reaping the fruits of her labor as she oversees a media and lifestyle empire that she has meticulously built since shedding her Wall Street career in favor of her true passion. Per, Stewart started a catering business in the 1970s. After 10 years of hard work and TLC, the BFF of Snoop Dogg hit pay dirt, providing her the opportunity to really grow her platform into the enviable commercial success it has become. From her magazine, to her blog, to her guest media appearance and product collaborations that have resulted in furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances and so much more, Stewart's brand is quite powerful.

During the course of her celebrated career, Stewart has also written countless cookbooks, books about entertaining and organizing, and pretty much everything in between. And we are so glad that she has. The creator of the Martharita has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. In fact, according to her books master list, Stewart has penned 97 books and counting. Of course, as it goes in the book writing world, once you've finished writing one, everyone is asking about the next. And as Stewart nears her 100th title, hitting what is probably just the beginning of the apotheosis of her book writing journey, everyone wants to know what that 100th book will be about.

An autobiography

Well, wonder no more. Martha Stewart knows exactly what her 100th book is going to be about: herself. Yep, Stewart has shared with both "Today" and People that she is already working on it, and that her 100th book will be an autobiography. Stewart told People at a 2019 event in Aspen, "I have already started writing it. It'll be my most personal book — I have a lot of stories." 

Honestly, we can only imagine all the incredible stories the daring diva has to share with her fans. From the slew of marriage proposals a simple selfie ignited (per Hello! Magazine) to her friendship with Blake Lively (via Elle) and all those dinner parties Stewart has hosted over the years for the rich and famous, you know her autobiography has been a juicy best-seller-in-the-making since she first decided to pioneer the lifestyle space. Stewart has definitely lived a life that is worth reading about, especially while noshing on any number of her incredible recipes. (Hello, one pot pasta.) We don't know about you, but we're counting the days until the book's launch. Until then, we will enjoy all Stewart's tips and tricks for the kitchen, home, and garden.