Why Maneet Chauhan Used To Put This Sauce On Everything

Maneet Chauhan is a woman of substance. She's a famous television personality, a successful businesswoman, a celebrity chef, and more. According to a Bon Appétit piece, Chauhan is a determined woman who takes her job pretty seriously. She's also very self-aware as a chef and enjoys her work. "I love the experience of making and giving great dinners, great meals, and sharing that with people, and I get to do that," she gushed.

Chauhan is also a resourceful chef, by the way. She told the Nashville Scene that she doesn't let leftover meals go to waste and uses those for her next meal. "I use leftover tikka masala to make a delicious pizza or pasta dish out of it," she revealed. "Boil some pasta, throw in some veggies, leftover tikka masala, and there you go."

Smart tip, eh?  In case you haven't already figured this out, Chauhan is a huge fan of spices.

Chauhan doesn't like bland meals

Chauhan told Parade in an interview that she's extremely attached to her roots and loves Indian cuisine. "I want the world to see the true beauty of Indian food," she explained. "This is a cuisine I'm proud of." 

Chauhan further explained that when she first moved to the U.S., it took her some time to get accustomed to the food. In an attempt to make everything spicier, she'd use tabasco sauce on every dish, including salad. However, as Chauhan started exploring a bit more, she found hidden gems such as the baby back ribs at Applebee's that are the perfect blend of sweet and savory elements. 

Also, Chauhan is a fan of classic ingredients. She said that food trends aren't as inspiring to her because she thinks that they're almost always inspired from things that have been around for a long time. "I think contrived food is a thing of the past," she continued. "It's going back to find the techniques and ingredients we've kind of lost."