Chick-Fil-A Employees Have Strong Feelings About Their New Chef Uniforms

Chick-fil-A takes their employee uniforms seriously. "We want restaurant Team Members to feel good about what they put on every day. We want them to feel self-confident, not self-conscious," David Rissier, the Chick-fil-A Service Innovation Manager, said of the responsibility of designing outfits for everyone from the managers and the front of house team members to the chefs in the back of the house (via The Chickenwire). Recently, the company has decided to change things up in their clothing department by replacing the old chef coats with a more streamlined new look.

Although one can assume the new uniforms are intended to be an improvement over the old ones, not everyone was quite on board with the new look. Some displeased Chick-fil-A chefs even took to a workers' subreddit to express their disappointment with the new work uniforms they will now be expected to wear. One user posted a picture of the new uniforms with the caption, "Supposedly the redesigned chef coats. Not really a fan. Looks too simple imo." 

Other Chick-fil-A employees were quick to express their opinions on the redesign. "That's gotta be the ugliest uniform I've ever seen," one replied.

In response, some users simply posted "ew," while another replied that they "look like scrubs."

It's a debate of fashion over function

However, some Chick-fil-A employees did have a few good things to say about the new uniforms. While it may not be the most stylish outfit, some Chick-fil-A chefs did commend the uniforms for being comfortable and keeping them cool while working in a hot kitchen. One employee who had gotten the opportunity to try out the new threads said, "It's boring, but it functions just fine. Didn't have any issues with heat while wearing it." 

Other workers expressed similar sentiments of functionality over fashion. "They look way more comfy, though," one wrote. Others were pleased that the new outfits came with zippers, so they would no longer have to deal with buttons on their uniform.

So depending on whether you prefer comfort over style, you might not have a big issue with the new uniforms. While they may not win any fashion contests, they seem to be practical and comfortable, which is perhaps the most important part of any work uniform. And one can always hope that the next time Chick-fil-A does a redesign, they can please everyone by incorporating practicality, functionality, and style into the next uniform.