Giada De Laurentiis Refuses To Get Behind This Healthy Cooking Trend

While Giada De Laurentiis is best known for her Italian cooking — one quick look at some of the recipes on her Giadzy website will prove that to be her niche — she doesn't always just dabble in the rich and hearty side of the food spectrum. De Laurentiis is also known to roast some veggies and throw them into her recipes to encourage her daughter, Jade, to eat more of them. Her frittatas, likewise, are her quick and easy way to work some veggies and protein into a meal and have some variety outside of just scrambling some eggs.

But despite the celebrity chef's focus on balance and making sure to eat plenty of good foods with the indulgent meals, there is a recent healthy cooking trend that hasn't quite taken off with the Italian food expert — and it's not hard to imagine why she isn't a fan.

Cauliflower rice gets a big no from Giada

Back in 2020, Unique Health Products highlighted the incredible cauliflower trend, noting that packaged cauliflower items (like rice, pasta, and pizza crust) had grown in sales of more than 71% from the year prior. And, with other veggie carb replacements (like zucchini noodles), total sales topped a record $47 million that year. As the outlet noted, cauliflower in particular has been popular for its "low carbohydrate nutrient profile, mild flavor and versatility" that makes it the virtual duct tape of healthy eating. But there is one person not singing its praises. 

While Giada De Laurentiis may believe in cauliflower in general, cauliflower rice is another story.

The chef vented to Milk Street that she hates the idea, and jokingly said, "I don't like cauliflower rice. Ok? Leave me alone." While she didn't seem to give a reason for the dislike, it's not hard to guess why. A lover and creator of Italian foods, cauliflower risotto and cauliflower pasta bolognese just aren't the same as the real thing.