Here's What Leona Lewis Really Eats In A Day

Leona Lewis is a powerhouse entertainer — a singer-songwriter, actress, and model who first came to fame winning the third season of the popular music competition "The X Factor" in 2006 and then finding massive success with the song "Bleeding Love." The Brit — who once attended school with Adele, according to Smooth Radio — also made waves when she separated from Simon Cowell's record label, Syco Music, years later according to The Independent

The mezzo-soprano is also known for her dedicated fitness and eating plans. In 2017, Hello Magazine showcased photos of her toned physique as she stepped out for a gala in Los Angeles in a dress that showed off her abs that she credits to lifestyle choices. As she once told Marie Claire, eating lots of vegetables, cutting down on processed foods, and drinking lots of water were positive changes she made in her routine that really paid off. Lewis is also a vegan and she shared some ideas of what she normally eats in a day and week to help her stay on track.

Leona Lewis eats a rainbow of foods in her vegan diet

VeganLiftz reports that Leona Lewis has been a vegetarian since she was 12-years-old and became fully vegan in 2012. Having followed the lifestyle for quite some time, she has come up with some great recipes and tons of variety in what she regularly eats. In fact, the singer ran through a typical weekly meal plan with Women's Health back in 2016, showcasing her varied but very structured diet. Based on what she shared, it seems Lewis prefers to eat several smaller meals throughout the day (roughly around the schedule of 8 am, 11 am, 2:30 pm, 9 pm and 9:30 pm). 

For her first two meals of the day, Lewis switches back and forth between smoothies, a handful of snacks (like glazed almonds) and more substantial breakfast foods like a tofu scramble or blueberry cornmeal pancakes. Her midday meal is also varied, whether it's a kale salad, whole wheat wrap with veggies, plant-based sushi, or a veggie burger. For dinner, she likes stir-fry, pesto pasta with tofu, and bean burritos. Lewis also says a non-negotiable for her is dessert twice a week, usually in the form of a vegan chocolate cake.

And, when she's on the road and orders takeout, she tries to stick to salads and Vietnamese soups, noting, "They're low-fat and packed with antioxidants." Coupled with four, one-hour workouts a week, her routine seems pretty doable and fulfilling.