Aldi Shoppers Swear This Italian Dressing Tastes Just Like Olive Garden's

Almost as exciting as the first real DIY recipe for Cheddar Bay Biscuits, Aldi shoppers swear by the store's Tuscan Garden Restaurant Style Italian Dressing, a Darden look-alike (and taste-alike) new Italian dressing. Says Aldi shopper Amyliabedylia, "This dressing is amaze balls....seriously just like olive garden and 1/4 the price! I refuse to get roped into name brand any longer!!" (via Reddit). This 16-ounce bottle definitely looks like the Olive Garden original — a creamier Italian, more white and ranch-style than a vinegar-and-oil base.

Selling at the generic price-point instead of name-brand, commenter Never-Forget-Trogdor agrees, sharing, "This is in my top 3 favorite dressings from Aldi. I also love the ginger dressing and the tatziki dressing. I can't wait for tatziki to come back." The Restaurant Style Tuscan Garden series at Aldi also include an Asian Sesame and a Mediterranean, but for price you'll have to check in store (via Aldi).

And if the generic isn't your thing — at least you don't have to leave Aldi to grab the Olive Garden original.

Or you can also buy the Olive Garden version

You can frequently find bottles of Olive Garden-branded Signature Italian dressing at Aldi. Says Reddit user SparklingLemonaid, "Sometimes they have dressing actually labeled as Olive Garden dressing... I swear it's the same stuff!" Users have found the dressing at Aldi for only $2.99 and you can add on those garlicky signature croutons for $1.99 more (via Delish). In any way, shape, or form, people simply love these signature salad dressing flavors.

As for the dressing itself, the name brand also comes in a 16-ounce bottle. The mix is described as pleasing Olive Garden patrons for 30 years with a lightly creamy taste for crisp salad (via Target). It's also suggested to use the flavoring for a great dip. Reddit users have more suggestions too including use the product for slow cooker chicken pasta as well as an Italian pasta salad. 

However you use it, these dressings are a fun and affordable way to savor the flavors of eating out while enjoying the comfort of home, too.