Why You've Probably Been Using The Wrong Mug For Your Coffee

If you need a cup of Joe to get going in the morning, you are not alone. According to the National Coffee Association, seven out of 10 Americans drink coffee every week, and 62% drink it every day. Coffee, and the caffeine it provides your tired body, is the essential energy boost so many of us need, or maybe have become dependent upon, to get the day started. Let's be honest, there is nothing like the perfect cup of piping hot coffee. But did you know that your coffee cup can influence how your coffee tastes, smells, retains its heat, and contributes to your overall enjoyment of drinking your morning brew? 

That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a little ceramic or porcelain cup, but it's true. Your coffee mug matters. Stop and process. We understand. Sip on your coffee in your favorite donut shaped mug or the one you got from your co-workers that has painted in bold letters, "I'm Awesome" (which incidentally also serves as your morning affirmation), while you take it all in. It's a little mind blowing to learn that you've probably been drinking your coffee out of the wrong mug all this time. But don't despair. The Perfect Daily Grind is spilling the tea about how your coffee mug can contribute to your overall coffee drinking experience, and it is game-changing.

There's a science behind your mug choice

According to the Perfect Daily Grind there is a science behind your coffee mug. First, it was designed to hold hot liquid — coffee, tea, hot chocolate. You get the gist. That is your coffee mug's raison d'être. But in speaking with Mark Vecchiarelli, co-Founder and chief marketing officer for KRUVE, which deals with perfecting coffee ground size, the blog shares that shape, size, and the material your coffee cup is made from can influence how your coffee tastes. For example, if you are all about the smell of your morning brew, Vecchiarelli shares, "Headspace, the volume between the liquid and the top of the glass, is a huge factor in creating room for the aroma to aerate. Headspace is critical because it creates that place for the nose to be involved." 

We definitely love the smell of coffee, but perhaps, the one factor that's most critical for coffee drinkers is heat retention, because again, that's the whole point of a coffee mug. The Perfect Daily Grind points out that, as your coffee cools, you are going to notice different flavors, so your cup becomes very important. They recommend a thick-walled mug. Taste of Home suggests the type of mug you would find at a diner or a thick ceramic-style cup. They also suggest pre-warming your mug with hot water. This will also allow you to enjoy your coffee longer before heading to the microwave for a reheat.